GIS Applications

The growing use of G.I.S. technologies in a wide spectrum of applications demands specialized knowledge that allows for G.I.S. tools to be adjusted to every client's particular needs. A G.I.S. can be much more productive that way, considering that customization allows for the user to manage certain applications with Greek menus, simplifying his communication with the system.

GEOMATICS designs and develops specialized G.I.S. applications, fully customized according to the customer's needs concerning application design and functionality, covering all phases such as:

  • Needs assessment analysis
  • Logical and physical application design
  • Customization according to the client's needs and demands
  • Prototype development
  • Pilot application and final software adjustments
  • Geographical data integration
  • Linking to existing systems or data bases
  • Application documentation
  • Users' training

We can discuss your applications' needs and requirements with you, suggest ways of materialization, develop applications and offer consulting services and technical support.