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Telematics & Logistics Location Based Services

The wide use of digital cartographic data combined with GPS technology has layed the grounds for developing new products and applications that enable corporations and organizations to optimize their distribution networks or the utilization of their fleet of vehicles.

This technology is also ideal for organizing sales networks and achieving minimum vehicle or personnel mileage in modern metropolitan areas.

Geomatics possesses the necessary know-how and experience in applying solutions in the fields of Telematics and Logistics, offering high quality digital cartographic data and various spatial information.

The company develops digital maps appropriate for routing applications, incorporating a number of spatial information including:

  • Street address ranges at a building block level.
  • Postal addresses at individual building level
  • Traffic directions, turn and u-turn restrictions, existence of natural or artificial road barriers, controlled access roads
  • A choice of spatial databases including landmarks (banks, hotels, supermarkets, recreation areas, restaurants etc)

Besides the applications and data available for businesses and organizations, Geomatics works together with the large manufacturers of Car Navigation Systems developing digital maps with specialized underlying database schemas, appropriate for vehicle navigation.

Technological solutions and applications

  • Routing optimization applications
  • Fleet tracking and management
  • Logistics applications
  • Location based services in the mobile telecommunication market
  • Geomarketing applications
  • Sales networks optimization
  • Planning and decision making support systems