Geomarketing Applications

  • Geomarketing Applications
  • Geomarketing Applications

Geomarketing Applications Market & Demand Analysis - Activities' Positioning

G.I.S. technologies and digital cartography have added a new dimension in the techniques and methods of marketing data analysis, known by the term Geomarketing …….

The vast majority of a company's activities and interests obviously include a geographical dimension, one way or another. Their visualization on a map is currently possible thanks to G.I.S. technologies.

Geomatics offers its services to companies in the field of data research and market analysis, by using G.I.S. technologies and digital cartographic data, creating a new approach on how marketing can be expanded to cover the aspect of "Geomarketing".

We can offer you the following services:

  • Geocoding of database in order to create geographic representations of potential customers.
  • Geo - Demographic Analyses for the best-case scenario of a placement of a new commercial activity.
  • Mapping of the competition and activities that could potentially influence the placement of such a commercial activity.
  • Demand models by taking into account geo-demographic data, income data and geospatial parameters.
  • Identification and representation of selling locations.