• Geocoding

Visualizing your clients, distribution points, competitors or demand on a digital map can be a powerful analysis tool as it offers a unique advantage:

The ability to have a much better understanding of the geographical distribution and spatial relationships of any phenomena, size, or business activity

By positioning and visualizing all database addresses on a map (geocoding) you are able to understand the geographical distribution of your customers, the concentration rate of potential demand and the density of the commercial activities for a given area.

GEOMATICS can undertake the processing and geocoding of your database, in a confidential manner, so as to enable you to analyze and plan your company's activities using the following services:

  • Checking and processing of the database, for compliance with the geocoding applications. This service includes editing of the address names and ranges in order for them to comply with all the valid patterns and norms, separation of the fields where this is necessary and a general normalization and optimization of the database.
  • Geocoding of your customers' database with the maximum possible accuracy.
  • We have available a unique database for Greece (covering the Athens Greater Region and the Thessaloniki Urban Complex) which incorporates every single building, with its footprint and complete mailing address. This enable us to geocode your database of interest, with maximum accuracy, without any gaps, or overlaps, to locate high concentration areas of your customers and finally identify for you the multi-floor or large area buildings by using the building height and shape info.
  • Map composition and printing showing your customer base location, color-coded thematic mapping and cartographic symbology for better understanding of your business distribution.

Is it a problem for you to let data be processed out of your company's facilities? We can also offer this service in your offices.

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