Computing & GIS Systems

  • Computing & GIS Systems
  • Computing & GIS Systems

Geoinformation and digital mapping applications as well aerial photography processing and orthophoto production require strong computing systems and high volume storage systems in a high speed network environment.

In Geomatics we dispose a strong computing environment which provides us capabilities to process with high speed and security large volume of data in raster as well as vector format. Geomatics' computing system operates in domain environment and comprises:

  • Servers HP Series ML-370 (Domain, Applications, File, Exchange) - Windows Server 2003, 2008
  • UNIX Server SparStation - SUN OS Operating System
  • HP Disk Arrays with a capacity of 10 terrabytes
  • HP StorageWorks Ultrium 4 backup tape library - 12 tapes
  • HP Ultrium 3 backup system
  • Work stations, series HP-8400 with 3D capabilities.
  • Personal computers, several types
  • Switches, Routers, Firewall
  • High speed network
  • Scanners
  • Plotters
  • Software tools  - GIS, Image Processing, CAD (ESRI, LEICA, AUTODESK)
  • Aerial photogtraphy post processing and production of DTM and orthophotos software.
  • Backup & office automation software

Apart fro online storage systems, for the needs of archiving geographical data, aerial photographs and orthophotos, we use ofline systems with capacity of more than 100 Tb.