Photo Laboratories

  • Photo Laboratories
  • Photo Laboratories

Although digital aerial photography acquisition is contnuosly growing, in Geomatics we have and operate fully equipped automatic laboratories for aerial film processing and printing of diapositives, contact prints and photo enlargements.

Aerial film processing and printing need processsing equipment operating in controlled environmenta conditions in order to achieve perfect results in terms of photographic quality as well as in order to maintain geometric accuray.

Our photo labs are equppped with automatics processors and printing machines including:

  • COLEX RTF-12 C-41 FILM PROCESSOR for color aerial films
  • COLEX CPK 32-20 RA-4 PAPER PROCESSOR for color aerial films and diapositives
  • AGFA GEVATONE 66 PROCESSOR for B&W films and diapositives
  • SCANATRON P11CC DODGING PRINTER for color and B&W printing
  • ZEISS KG-30 contact printer for color and B&W prints
  • DURST 25 X 25 cm. for enlargement of aerial photographs
  • EG & G GEOMETRICS 24 steps sensitometer and MACBET DIA 1mm densitometer
  • SCANATRON cleaning and antistatic protection system.