Research and Development

Seeking for and applying innovative solutions in developing model applications and products constitutes a continuous challenge for our company.

We invest constantly in:

  • Man power
  • Technologically advanced equipment
  • Software and know-how

We create all necessary conditions for the research and development of new products and services.

Geomatics takes part in research projects, collaborating with Universities, Institutes and research facilities so as to develop ground-breaking methods and solutions in the collection, editing, organization and management of spatial information, using all recent developments in geoinformatics.

The vast majority of human activities, problems or various phenomena include a spatial dimension.

In our company we search for new areas in which innovative solutions can be applied using geoinformatics, offering structured spatial information in the form of digital cartographic backdrops and geoinformation combined with original applications.

In this way we offer our clients fast access to accurate information, better resource management, answers to complex questions with a spatial dimension and decision support.