Company Staff

  • Company Staff

Far over and beyond any equipment owned by a company, lies the company's staff and associates.

In GEOMATICS we employ people of various specializations, so that the company is able to respond to the complexity of its projects, and meet any clients' specifications.

The work force employed by the company specializes on Geoinformatics technologies in general, such as Aerial photography, photogrammetry, digital mapping, G.I.S., remote sensing, image processing, land registry, land data systems, topographic surveying, special software development for G.I.S., telematics & data base applications

The company makes sure that its associates are constantly trained & brought up to date through training programs, seminars and conventions, as well as by ensuring them access to any source of information in order for them to be fully informed and aware of the technological developments.

We constantly look for associates that share our visions. If you feel ready to live up to the challenges of a multidimensional working environment contact us here.