Completion of the projects "Aerial photography services and production of digital color orthophotos - Areas LSO-1, LSO-2

Aerial photography services and production of digital colour orthophotos have been completed successfully in the framework of two contracts for production of Large Scale Orthophotos - Areas LSO-1 and LSO-2.

The project constitutes an important milestone for the Hellenic National Cadastre. Digital orthophotos will be used as a basic mapping infrastructure for depicting of properties during submission of property rights' declarations by the owners.

The total area covered by the two contracts amounts to 90.000 SQ.KM and consists of 9.000 map sheets at scale 1:5.000.

Areas LSO-1 and LSO-2 cover the regions of Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Sterea Hellas, Evia, Ionian Islands and part of Aegean