Aerial photography and production of color digital orthophotos - Contract LSO-1

"Aerial photography services and production of color digital orthophotos of large scale - LSO" constitues the most serious effort up to day for the cration of a modern basemap in the country,with a uniform coverage, which is realized by KTIMATOLOGIO SA, the Helennnic Cadastre Authority.

In this contract, GEOMATICS SA participates as a leader of the Joint Venture with a percentage of 50% being responsible for performing the aerial photography for the entire project area LSO-1 as well as for the producion of color digital orthophotos.

LSO-1 area with a total size of 51.000 SQ.KM covers perfectures of Sterea Hellas, Thessaly, Macedonia, Ionian and Aegean Islands.

The contract comprises color aerial phototography at a resolution of 35 cm, geodetic works for establishment of reference stations and determination of photo control and check points, production of Digital Terrain Model as well as production of color digital orthophotos at a pixel size of 50 cm.