Aerial photography services in the framework of the contract for the creation of large scale digital color orthophotos - Area LSO-3

"Aerial photography services and production of color digital orthophotos of large scale - LSO" ςwhich is implemented by KTIMATOLOGIO SA covers the entire country and its objective is acquisition of color aerial photography and production of digital color orthophotos at a pixel size of 50 cm.

The contract for the implementation of the project in the Area LSO-3 was signed between KTIMATOLOGIO SA and the J/V of the companies "FOTOPO LTD - PLANITIKI SA - GEOGRAFIKI SA".

GEOMATICS SA will conduct on behalf of the abovementioned Joint Venture the aerial photography services for the entire area LSO-3 with a size of 50.000 SQ.KM.

Area LSO-3 covers regions of Attica, Peloponese, Kreta and S. Ionian and East Aegean islands.

The contract comprises flight planning, aerial photography at a GSD of 35 cm, processing of aerial photographs and calculation of photo center coordinates.